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About Us


WEBSITELEARN.COM was founded in 2005 to support interactive teaching and learning in pre-school through grade 1. Our web-based platform has limited distractions which supports deep learning. Each activity has been carefully designed to support the unique requirements of young learners. The activities are game-like and fun.

What You Get

We have designed a structured approach which is engaging. Learners interact with activities online accompanied by printed workbooks. This solution is simple, effective, and affordable. In creating a solution to meet the needs of our young learners we also focus on the needs of parents and teachers.

The Facts

Teachers have limited time to meet academic requirements while while focusing on the needs of an entire class. With WEBSITELEARN.COM students and parents now have access to online activites that address specific learning needs outside of the classroom. The program creates an environment in which students learn at their own pace with support, feedback, and guidance from adults.

How it Works

To use WEBSITELEARN.COM simply click on the Shop page and choose an activity suite. Then Login with your learner(s) and enjoy the activity. The free workbook complements the online activities. To view sample activities visit the Try It! Page. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of using WEBSITELEARN.COM or about our Privacy and Return policies please visit the links at the bottom of each page.