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The ITAL (Interactive Teaching and Learning) workbooks are designed especially for young learners Pre-K through grade 1. These workbooks are educational tools suitable for this age group.  The books introduce your child to math concepts, letters, numbers, word/picture recognition and the pleasure of reading.

Why do we need workbooks anyway?

When workbooks are used with our learning activities they help to promote healthy personal interactions. We believe the best way to introduce young learners to the Internet is through a phased approach. A gradual introduction helps children to make distinctions between virtual and real world interactions. This allows your child to use a book to continue developing healthy social contact with you, caregivers, and teachers within a safe physical environment. Using our workbooks with the activities is a "healthy" and safe way to introduce learners to the Internet.

When Should Workbooks be Used?

We recommend you allow your child to use the workbooks at their own leisure and pace. Workbooks can be used before or after viewing the related online activities. The books are great for use at home or school. They can be used as supplemental material in structured and unstructured learning settings.

How Should I Use the Workbooks?

Workbooks may be used on their own. However, we recommend you combine them with the related online activities. Allow your child to color draw, paint, write and do other activities in the books freely.

Will My Child Need Help?

Your child may require suggestions, prompts and some guidance as they explore a workbook. We encourage you to do the activities with your child; answer and ask questions of your child. Encourage young learners to tell you about what they draw, color, write, paint and why.  Applaud their efforts and encourage new ways of interpreting and doing things.