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Your Child

It is important for your child to succeed! A sound early childhood education for your child is critical for healthy growth and development. Exposing your child to rich language and math concepts early can help to establish a strong educational foundation. is designed for young learners from preschool to grade 1.

Why Websitelean?

WEBSITELEARN.COM's interactive learning provides important support for your child's intellectual development. The learning resources also introduce your child to the Internet in a responsible and supportive way. Your young learner will learn to identify numerals, shapes, letters, words, pictures and learn arithmetic, phonics, reading and technology skills.

Oneline + FREE Workbooks

The program includes online activities and FREE workbooks. The workbooks can be used before or after viewing the related online activities. Using our workbooks with the online activities can improve your child's performance.

What You Should Do

You are encouraged to use the online resources with the workbooks you receive in the mail. Students should also be allowed to experiment with these workbooks in ways that may seem different from their intended use. Encourage young learners to tell you about what they draw, color, write, paint and why. Help your your learners to login and talk with them about the rules of using the Internet safely. Your child may need prompts and some guidance as they explore the online activities and workbooks. We recommend students participate in the activities at their own leisure and pace.

Activities are Fun and Educational's educational activities and workbooks are age appropriate and target specific learning objectives. It is important to remember as your child uses these resources that "play" is an important part of learning at this stage of their development. While these activities are not games per se they are fun online interactions designed by educational experts to meet learning goals in creative and engaging ways.


All activities are in a safe password protected area of the site. You should log your child on to websitelearn to start their activities and log off when they are finished. WEBSITELEARN.COM does not intentionally collect personally identifiable information about your child. For more information please see our privacy and children's privacy policies.