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Dear Educator

I wish to acknowledged your dedication to your craft and to nation building. Thank you for your extraordinary service. I know first hand how many lives you enrich, mold and those you save, literally!

A grateful nation will never be able to repay its debt to you. However, I would like to do my part insomuch as my efforts serve to compliment and assist you in your professional endeavors.

I am pleased to report our continued effort to incorporate the latest technologies and cognitive reseach findings in the development of WEBSITELEARN.COM. Improving interactive blended learning opportunities in early childhood education is as important to us as it is to you. Providing excellent educational services to you and other members of the learning community is not simply a goal for us, it is a standard. The site employs research-based pedagogical solutions for a variety of users including care-givers, pre-school, kindergarten and grade 1 teachers. The program empowers teachers to provide core content knowledge in an effective, engaging and accountable manner. We have been careful however to ensure learners will not only interact with meaningful instruction but engage in creative activities we deem critical to healthy physical, mental, and emotional development.

User Guide
This website is designed to be used in conjuntion with related workbooks at home and or school as supplemental material in structured and unstructured programs. We strongly recommended the use of our workbooks with the related online activites. Learners will benefit from participating in these activities at their own leisure and pace. Younger learners may require more suggestions, prompts, and guidance as they explore online activites and workbooks. Students should also be allowed to experiment with the content in ways that may appear contrary to their intended use. Use your online and printed resources to compliment and promote awareness of “concrete” objects. Also use these resources to encourage “play” between peers.

Child Safety
WEBSITELESARN.COM strives to provide an enjoyable surfing environemnt for your learners and their parents. Therefore your safety and privacy are our top priority. We continuously monitor and update this site for any irregularities. User information is not collected or stored on our servers. User logins and passwords are provided in each workbook. For more information please read our privacy and children's privacy policies.

Learner Centered
We have provided you with leading interactive teaching and learning approaches because we recognize your need for quality, convenience, and flexibility. The result is stunning because it empowers you to personalize every learning experience. It is my sincere hope as a fellow educator that you will enjoy using the site as much as we enjoyed creating it. We look forward to your comments and requests. Please feel free to email me personally at as often as you find you want to. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

Rohan Webb
Instructional Designer and Education Technologist
Director, ITAL Education